WTC's View-R Network Products

View-R Data Network Concentrator and Management System

The View-R will simplify your data procurement and management to give you evidence-based insights that lead to manufacturing success. That is SMART manufacturing driven by collecting, organizing, and analysing data from a single resource.

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WTC's View-R Network Products

View-IT and View-NET Network Software

View NET is your weld data visualization and management tool that converts complex weld data collected by the WTC View-R into clear graphical information that supports manufacturing quality processes.

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WTC MiT (Measurement Instrument Technology) collects critical weld data essential for an informed welding quality process.

It is installed as a peripheral device that easily connects with any robot or weld control. The data collected is stored on WTC View-R that can be viewed as clear graphical information on WTC View-NET or RAFT™ Gateway.

This gives the weld engineer or plant maintenance personnel the ability to monitor every weld control in the plant from a single interface.

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The future

Wave Monitor

The Wave is a portable weld current meter that is capable of measuring weld current in various forms including AC, AC inverter and Mid Frequency to DC (MFDC). The Wave can also measure and tip voltage across electrodes.

The Wave is engineered for easy data collection in busy manufacturing environments where portability and precision is required. Waveform and weld data is collected on The Wave via a secondary current coil loop and tip voltage is collect via electrode tip wires. The data that is collected can then be stored on the internal memory of The Wave (up to 10,000 welds) or it can be downloaded to a computer via USB cable.

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