WTC's Learning Center

Welding Technology Corp has developed a myriad of tools to make our customer's difficult welding tasks as simple as possible.

These tools are created to render processes easier to achieve as well as to instill a quality assurance in the products being produced.

  • Resistance Welding Processes

  • Normalized C-Factor

  • Understanding RAFT

  • Setting up RAFT for Robot Welding

  • Setting up RAFT for DC Portable Weld Gun Station

  • What is Adaptive Welding
  • Workshop document presented at AWS Detroit SMWC - October 15, 2018

  • Sizing Circuit Breakers for Resistance Welding

  • Sizing Isolation Contactors for Resistance Welding

  • Inverter Cooling Requirements

  • Ohma ® (Air/Oil) Cylinder Operation

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