WTC's RAFT (Resistive Adaptive Feedback Technology)

RAFT TM for Welding

Take control of your resistance welding process with the implementation of RAFT TM (Resistive Adaptive Feedback Technology).

RAFT TM is the combination features of AdaptQ TM and SoftQ TM together in one.

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ADAPTQ TM is the features withing the control software algorthms that effectively make immediate corrections to the controls to maintain weld nugget integrity.

AdaptQ TM requires the SoftQ TM module to ensure that the process remains stable over long periods of time.

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SoftQ TM

SoftQ TM comprises of quality monitoring tools for post weld data analysis. SoftQ works in both constant current and adaptive welding modes.

SoftQ TM will help maintain your production lines running under optimum conditions.

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ForceQ TM

For certain conditions when resistance feedback cannot provide adequate information about the growth of a weld nugget, force monitoring can track the nugget with much greater ease.

Thermal forces can be magnified under certain mechanical conditions.

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