manual resistance spot welding station

MFDC Control with Integrated Pneumatic Control Panel

• Dual redundant safety circuits for operator protection
• Ground fault monitoring
• Ground integrity monitoring
• Cable integrity monitoring
• Isolation contactor
• Switching for two different weld guns
• Totally programmable weld schedules
• Full diagnostics
• Programming port for Data Entry Panel or Laptop
• Ethernet port for Network connection
• GEN6 inverter technology (400amp @ 10% dutycycle)
• Up to 600 volt 50/60 hertz operation

The future

Unsurpassed Operator Safety in Industrial Environments

Key Safety Features

Using a DC Integrated Transformer weld gun, the operator is holding approximately 700 volts in his hands. The DCIT station is designed with unsurpassed multi-function protection system designed specifically for resistance welding applications.

  Each weld gun has 2 redundant ground fault monitoring coils

  Detects ground currents from 10mA to 30mA

  Protective Ground Cable Integrity continuously monitored < 1 Ohm

  Protective Power Cable Shield Integrity continuously monitored < 1 Ohm

  Power Cable Insulation monitored > 250M Ohm

  Excessive Voltages on Protective Earth Circuits continuously monitored

  Complete System Check on Power Up - Maintains Dual Redundancy

  System Check on Demand by Push Button

Safest DCIT Weld Gun Station
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