WTC licenses software technology to Nadex Machinery

April 10, 2024
WTC is pleased to announce its recent software licensing agreement with Nadex Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

A collaboration between WTC and Nadex Machinery (Shanghai) has resulted in a new resistance weld control technology for the Chinese market.

The N.I.W. (New Intelligent Welding) control offers local manufacturing by Nadex Machinery (Shanghai) combined with WTC software technology.

Customers will be able to tackle all resistance welding applications with this new platform and more importantly support their Industry 4.0 objectives.

This NIW allows the customer full access to WTC’s software technology, such as total programmability to meet any joining requirements faced today, or in the future.

The NIW supports quality analytical tools including WTC’s SoftQ. SoftQ supports confidence in the manufacturing sector with its monitoring of Integrity tools such as process, nugget, and tooling.

These Integrity tools confirm your process is in control, correct nugget size and your tooling is in good health.

Finally, the NIW supports WTC’s RAFT adaptive technology.

Customers will be able to confidently run their manufacturing facility in adaptive mode for maximum productivity. For more information on the new NIW resistance welding control driven by WTC software technology, please feel free to contact Nadex Machinery (Shanghai).

Nadex Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
No.815, Shenfu Road,
Xinzhuang Industrial Zone,
Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-5442-7877

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